Monday, January 13, 2014

How To Make The Most of Your Etsy Team Membership

Etsy teams are the premier way of networking on Etsy. Team membership allows you to build friendships, contacts, learn about running an Etsy business, highlight your new items, and showcase your shop to the Etsy community.

Your Integrity of Vintage team leaders have made a commitment to maintain a friendly community, develop an atmosphere of learning, and assist in promotion for team members. Your success is our success!

While we work hard for you, there are things you can do to maximize your team membership to it’s full potential which benefits you, your shop, and all team members.

1. Add the team tag to your vintage items.

Our team tag is ivteam. This is how we as leaders find team members and items to add to the Tumblr blog, include in blog posts, and choose featured shops. It is also how all team members find items to include in team treasuries!

Your items must be tagged with the team tag as one word (ivteam). Variations of the team tag with spaces will NOT come up in a team search.  It isn't case sensitive, but it must be one word. We want to be able to find all team members and your items!

The team tag is voluntary but not adding it means you will miss out on some pretty spectacular, free promotion opportunities!

FAQ: What if I don’t have any more room to add the team tag?

Many people are on numerous teams and you can double up team tags. (Example: epsteam ivteam) You will still be found in search for those individual teams and this does not violate any Etsy tagging rules.

The team tag can be added to any item in your shop that is vintage. Handmade, upcycled, or altered items cannot be tagged with the team tag.

2. Add your new or relisted items to our New & Relisted items thread.

This is free promotion for your newly listed or relisted items! As members favorite (heart) your item it gives your new or relisted items an extra kick out into Etsyland.

For this promotion to work for all team members, we just ask that your favorite (heart) the 2 items in front of your items and share the new item love.

3. Favorite (Heart) Team Treasuries and Items:

When you favorite (heart) and item or treasury, you are promoting that item and treasury. Everyone has a unique circle of followers and admirers on Etsy and favoriting team items and treasuries gives our items a chance to be viewed by many, many, many people. The more people who view your item, the higher the likelihood of purchase.......and that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it!

4. Participate in discussions.

Our team is a treasure trove of knowledge! Our team has many experienced Etsy sellers who love to share! We have numerous threads to choose from: Daily Chat, Shop Help, Treasury Challenges, Rants & Raves, Game threads, Activity threads, Goals and Achievements threads, etc. If you haven’t checked out some of the discussion threads, do so. You could be missing out on a piece of information that may take your business to the next level or build a great friendship. 

You don’t have to write a novel or check in every day. We love to hear from our members even if you just wave and say hi!

All of these suggestions are completely voluntary and are not required for team membership. Maximizing your membership is entirely up to you but we hope these suggestions will show you the potential benefits of being an active team member.

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